Spa Day for Barney

Normally my mom, Jackie, writes these things, but today, I’m taking over. Yep, it’s me – Abby, super model tripawd girl! Mom says she is sorry we haven’t posted on here in a while, but she has another blog too and she forgets to update them both! Anyway, something super exciting has happened! A few days after my 2nd birthday, I got the bestest present! (Am I overusing these exclamation points??! I don’t think so!!!!) It was a box full of fun things and a super stinky purple dino! My mom introduced us and said his name is Barney.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

I sniffed him good… all over (I mean ALL over!)
After the sniffing, I started to munch on him!

She put him up where I couldn’t get him!
Mom said he needed rest to recover from the Oaktown Pack
Then she gave him a massage! He was naked!

Don’t worry that we are treating him too nice. Mom says we are lulling him into a “false sense of security”… whatever that means. All I know is, once he is “lulled” there, I get to have him! But Mom says I still have to wait… She says she is taking him to the zoo! I’ll leave you with this last pic of the stupid dino at the spa:

Barney Enjoys a Steam Shower