Perfect Presents for Tripawd Pawrents

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2011 brings good things for all – especially good news for our tripawd pups.

Wanted to do a quick post about the perfect presents the hubby and I got each other for Christmas. First of all, he got me a ring from Fred Meyer Jewelers.

Yes, with 3 paws on it! How perfect is that? Someone had pointed it out on the forums one day, and it went right to the top of my Christmas wish list. It’s billed as a ring to “show off the love you have for your 4-legged extended family members.” And, yet, it doesn’t actually have 4 feet on it. It’s much better for showing off the love you have for your THREE legged extended family members!

As for the hubby, I got him a telescope, which of course came with a tripod. So, here’s the tripawd with the tripod. Perfect, no?

Tripawd & Tripod

So, if you are wondering what to get the tripawd pawrent in your life… look no further!