Another Ampuversary for me!

Today Mama says it’s my 11 month ampuversary! We went to the beach this morning, but that is nothing new; we go there all the time. She told this nice old man that it was my ampuversary, and he gave me some loving and said I was “amazing” and a “princess”, but that is nothing new either. If I do say so myself, I am admired by most people at the beach, and a lot of them say nice things to me and sometimes they give me loving and sometimes they even give me treats! I’m reasonably certain that all this stuff happens because I am so pretty. They can’t resist my beauty. (Mama says I have a big ego – but I’m skinny, like a good model should be, so I don’t know what she’s talking about!)

I haven’t gotten any special treats yet to celebrate. My Mama says it is because I am not 100% a “solid citizen.” If I’m not, it’s not my fault! I eat what they give me (well, plus the occasional peach pit that I find in the yard, and sometimes a little funky stuff at the beach, but that’s all minor!) Anyway, she said that as long as my tummy feels good this weekend (my tummy feels awesome!) we can go get a Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out this weekend! Yum. My fave!

Just to remind you all what a pretty model I am, here’s a pic my mama took of me recently.

My come-hither look

Wish me luck that I will get my Flying Dutchman this weekend! If I don’t, I’m going to have to eat all the peach pits I can find in the yard to show my displeasure!


Beach Babe!

That’s me – I’m a California Beach babe! I got to go back to the beach today! Hooray! My mom insisted on taking a little video of me running on the beach for proof that I am fine. (If she knew how to do these video things better she would show me running in slo-mo, like I was one of those Bay Watch babes!) Oh, and ignore my mom’s voice on the video. It gets high and squeaky sometimes. She’s so embarrassing. (Major eye roll.)

Just because I hurt my toe, she made me stay home from the beach for FOUR whole days!! It was OK at first, because my toe was maybe a little bit sore. But geez, FOUR days?? I admit – I took my frustrations out on Barney… hehehe.

First I turned him into a tripawd:

Tripawd Barney - Left Arm Amp on 9/19

Then I turned him into a unipawd!!!

Unipawd Barney - Try running away now, Barney!

Oh yeah, just so nopawdy gets tooooo upset about me killing Barney – remember this is MY Barney, not the original Barney who is visiting Tripawd Warrior Princess Lylee right now. (I hope she is killing him good!)

Well, I just wanted to let everypawdy know that I am doing good. I hope you guys are all doing good too!

Big kisses,


My mom is a worrywart!

Hi everypawdy – I made my mom worry some more. Remember in my last post, when it was my 10 month ampuversary, but I couldn’t go to the beach because I did a wee little face plant? (OK, 2 face plants. And then I acted all tired. And then I had some runny poops.) Well, that turned out to be nothing – just a combo of an upset tummy and too-hot weather and a boo-boo on my toenail. I knew it was not a big deal, but my mom got all worried.

Well, today I managed to make her start worrying all over again. I have been really doing great – until last night. Even just yesterday morning, I went to the beach and ran for an hour and never laid down once! It was pawesome! But then last night I hurt myself running around the house like a maniac. I had an appointment today anyway with my friend, Dr. V., so we went early because mom was all in a panic. (eye rolling from me…) Well, Dr. V. said it is just a little boo-boo on my toe again. I sprained my third toe. I can still walk around, but my mom insists on trying to carry me, which is very embarrassing because I have big long legs and they just hang there and I feel like a floppy old rag-doll.

The bummer is that Dr. V. (who is SUPPOSED to be my friend…) said I can’t go to the beach for a few days. He said only short leash walks in the neighborhood. Poo on that!

Dr. V. listened to my lungs for a long time. He said they sound great. He said if he didn’t know that those 2 lung mints are in there (mom calls them Boris & Natasha) that no one would know I was sick. Duh! I could have told them that! All they’d have to do is take me to the beach and watch me RUN! I feel awesome! Well, except for my toe now… and the pills my mom gave me which are making me sleepy.

What’s that thing called?? Medicinal napping? I think I am going to go try that.

Oh, there was one other fun thing that happened recently. We had a HUGE blackout in San Diego. It was pawesome. And my pawrents missed the whole thing! They left town that afternoon like 10 minutes before all the fun began. I stayed with my aunt and uncle and my cousin, Lou the corgi. (He is old and doesn’t like to play, which sucks.) As soon as the sun went down it got really dark. Everyone was using flashlights – and I am CRAZY about flashlights. It was so fun, barking at everypawdy walking by, and chasing those crazy beams of light! Oh, such good times. Here I am in the dark:

"Man, it's dark out there!'

I hope it happens again, because I thought it was the funnest thing ever.