Starting Palladia

After a lot of research, and talking to folks on and the bonecancerdogs listserv, we decided this weekend to go for it and try Palladia for Abby. I went with her today to get her baseline weight and blood cell counts and picked up the first batch of the drugs (plus the plastic gloves to administer it with – powerful stuff!).

We’ll have to keep a close eye on her the first coupla weeks and see how she does. She did so well on the carboplatin that I’m hoping she’ll be OK with the Palladia as well. If she is, we might add in cytoxan on T, Th, Sat’s. (Right now she’ll take the palladia on M/W/F.)

I was surprised at her weight – almost 48lbs. Pretty good, considering she was only 49.5 pre-amp & the 6 rounds of chemo. She’s been a rockstar through all this and will hopefully continue to be one.

In my last post I mentioned how I’d been bummed that I hadn’t taken my camera along when we went to her favorite dog beach, Fiesta Island. Well, this weekend I took the camera along and took many snaps. Here are two of my faves:
Queen of the Hill
She met an adorable beagle
Will keep you all posted on how things go with the palladia. Figure the info will help others who might have to make the same choices we have.

3 thoughts on “Starting Palladia”

  1. Glad to hear Abby is still doing well. I think lots of fun days at Fiesta Island is also what the doctor ordered!

    I hope the Palladia works for her and doesn’t cause any major side effects. We also gave Max cytoxan as part of his metronomic protocol; it never really gave him any problems (we had to wear gloves also). Please keep us all posted on her progress, and give her a hug from me.


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