Abby Update… & A Good Cause

As I noted in my last post, Abby started taking palladia on Wed, 2/16/11. She’s supposed to take it every M/W/F, along w/ Prilosec OTC every weekday to try to offset GI troubles. Well, she took her pills again on both Friday and this past Monday, but then Tuesday the diarrhea started in. I called our oncologist at the Vet Cancer Group and he said not to worry – he’s seen dogs take a little while to adjust to the meds. He said to just skip today’s (Wed’s) dose and we’ll reassess on Friday whether she’ll take that dose or continue on her little break.

I told him that part of the problem could be the wide variety of things she ate over the long weekend. (We went to the Canine Cancer Walk on Saturday and everyone was handing her treats left and right. I blogged about it – w/ lots of pics – here, so won’t repeat all that except to say it was really fun!)

Anyway, today she is on a bland diet and she seems to be improving in terms of how often she needs to go out. Even w/ the diarrhea, she’s still hungry and still FULL of energy (Monday we went for a 90 min. walk/run at her fave dog beach, Fiesta Island), so overall I’m not too worried about her (yet…). Hoping we’ll just have a little palladia break here for a dose or two, and then be back on it. Hoping that with greater consistency in her diet she’ll adjust a little better to the pills and do well on them.

In related news, I entered Abby in the Orvis catalog cover contest. Abby has an Orvis bed which she loves. We bought it just before we found out about the cancer (pic posted below) and the bed came in VERY handy during her recovery. Anyway, there are two different aspects to the contest – one part (for the cover) is w/ the Orvis judges, but the other part is a ‘popularity’ vote to have your picture included on the Orvis site. In order to vote, you have to make at least a $5 donation ($5 = 5 votes), but all the money goes to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Cure Canine Cancer campaign – the same folks behind the Canine Cancer Walk we did this Saturday. So… if you want to donate money to that cause anyway, please consider donating it via a vote for my pretty girl. Click here to Vote for Abby!

New Bed
Back before we knew what was coming...

7 thoughts on “Abby Update… & A Good Cause”

  1. abby, we love orvis and we’ve cast our votes for you!!!! you are a perfect covergirl!!! hope you can get the palladia ‘figured out’ and the belly and ‘butt hole’ start working like normal. geesh, sometimes a girl just can’t catch a break!!! thanks for doing the cancer walk too.

    gayle & charon

  2. Abby you melt our hearts, that is a fantastic pic! Good luck! And yah, totally, thanks for supporting Morris!

    P.S. Hope you’re tummy feels better soon.

  3. Thanks Gayle & Charon and Spirit Jerry. Abby’s tummy is much better today. And she had a great 1-hour walk/run/play session at her favorite beach, Fiesta Island. Think we’ll be back on the palladia starting tomorrow. (And she’s already raised $125 for canine cancer research! Whoohoo!)

  4. Hi Abby! I’m In San Diego too! Maximutt just told me about your site. I’m just over a week post-op and had my first appointment with Dr. V. a couple of days ago! I’m probably going to do a clinical trial involving palladia, so it will be nice to see how it works for you.

    You look so comfy in your dog bed! I’m jealous!

  5. Hey Luckypup! Dr. V. is great, isn’t he? We are going to see him today, for Abby’s first follow up appointment for her Palladia. Hopefully his dog, Hank, will be there. Abby and Hank have a little ‘thing’ for each other!

    If you have any specific questions about the palladia, you can always PM me.

    Maybe we’ll run into you at Dr. V’s some time – or do you ever go to Fiesta Island? We go there a lot – it’s Abby’s fave place in the world.

    Jackie & Abby

  6. Hoorah! Thanks for the votes! She is doing great in the competition! You can sort all the dogs entered by either “Most $ Raised” or by “Most Unique Voters.” She’ll never win the “$ raised” (the lead dog looks like she was super sweet and was also a cancer dog who clearly had some very wealthy friends) – BUT… Abby’s doing awesome in the “unique voters”. She’s in FOURTH!! Out of over 11,600 dogs! AND she’s raised $500 for canine cancer research. So awesome!!!

    Thanks again!

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