Adding to the Cancer-Butt-Kicking Arsenal

Yesterday Abby had a follow up with her oncologist to see how she was doing on the Palladia. Since she’s been doing well (only lost about 1/2 a pound and only had some fairly minor GI trouble), we decided to add in Cytoxan, Piroxicam and Lasix to her routine. So now she has something to take everyday. Yes, everyday is now Big Scoop of Peanut Butter Day. Hoorah for Abby. And everyday is Met-Ass-Kicking Day.  Hoorah for ass-kicking!

Hopefully this stuff works…

In other news, I wanted to give a little update on the Orvis Cover Dog Photo contest that Abby is entered in, since I know some of you voted for her (thanks again!!). She’s doing amazingly well! She’s not only raised $565 for canine cancer research, she’s in third place (third! Out of almost 13000 dogs!!) You can check her out in the standings here.  The contest ends March 31 and hopefully she’ll maintain her spot on the podium.

Finally, here’s a cute pic. Just cuz she’s cute. (This is her at my sis’s house, where she stayed while we went away for the weekend. My sis says any time someone leaves, she stands out by the gate and watches them go. She is a very tall girl!)

Abby at the Gate
"Is that my mom & dad? Thought I heard their car..."