A Side Effect of The Side Effect

So, we are 5 days post Abby’s first chemo treatment and she’s still doing really well. Haven’t had to give her any of the anti-nausea medication and she hasn’t been sick at all. This weekend though, we did have to give her a bath, due to a side effect of a chemo side effect.

We’ve been really lucky and it seems the chemo has only affected her appetite. She still has one (which amazes me really, because she’s just never been much of a chow-hound), but it’s hard to know what she’ll eat on any given day. Every day we have to play a little ‘Guess what the dog will eat.’ Something she wolfed down one day, has no appeal the next. We’ve been feeding her different things everyday: wet food, salmon, cottage cheese, plain pasta, whatever she’ll take. Unfortunately, all that variation in her diet meant that when she went to do “her business” yesterday, there was a bit of the “business” on her leg when she came back inside. So into the bath she went. (Which she hates. Truth be told, this was only her second bath since we got her almost a year ago – although we do hose her down post visits to the beach. She’s funny – she loves the water, but hates a bath.)

I posted a bunch more pictures of her here and here if you want to check them out. We think she’s just the cutest thing! We’re so happy with how well she’s doing so far!

Wet Dog!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Abby is such a cutie!

    FYI: We fixed your links for you. Be sure to paste the link in the URL field (you left that blank and pasted into the Title field).

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