Another Ampuversary for me!

Today Mama says it’s my 11 month ampuversary! We went to the beach this morning, but that is nothing new; we go there all the time. She told this nice old man that it was my ampuversary, and he gave me some loving and said I was “amazing” and a “princess”, but that is nothing new either. If I do say so myself, I am admired by most people at the beach, and a lot of them say nice things to me and sometimes they give me loving and sometimes they even give me treats! I’m reasonably certain that all this stuff happens because I am so pretty. They can’t resist my beauty. (Mama says I have a big ego – but I’m skinny, like a good model should be, so I don’t know what she’s talking about!)

I haven’t gotten any special treats yet to celebrate. My Mama says it is because I am not 100% a “solid citizen.” If I’m not, it’s not my fault! I eat what they give me (well, plus the occasional peach pit that I find in the yard, and sometimes a little funky stuff at the beach, but that’s all minor!) Anyway, she said that as long as my tummy feels good this weekend (my tummy feels awesome!) we can go get a Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out this weekend! Yum. My fave!

Just to remind you all what a pretty model I am, here’s a pic my mama took of me recently.

My come-hither look

Wish me luck that I will get my Flying Dutchman this weekend! If I don’t, I’m going to have to eat all the peach pits I can find in the yard to show my displeasure!


13 thoughts on “Another Ampuversary for me!”

  1. Wahooo! Abby, Tripawd Warrior Princess Model!!!! Way to go, girlfriend. If I was there I would give you some lovies AND cookies AND ear scratchies! And Rio would give you some TGP kisses!

    Micki and Rio

  2. Abby you are a true beauty!!!!!

    We’ll be celebrating over here! Yes, I’ll even let little MBBV celebrate! I got him a special treat, ground turkey to sprinkle on his kibble! I know he doesn’t deserve it, but I have a soft spot for all types of canines…even the tripawd insulting ones!

    Abby, those peach pits are very, very scary! They have arsenic in them and are toxic! I know your mama doesn’t need anything else to worry about! So, stay out of the peach pits! Stick to crumbs on the floor in the kitchen instead!

    Enjoy your burger!

  3. oh abby, we are so excited for you!!! we’ll celebrate all weekend here in ET, it’s officially ‘abby weekend’ in knoxville. don’t know about the dutchmen, but i think there are some belgiums that live at the end of our street…cheese for everybody!!!

    charon & gayle

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am always looking for a reason to hit In-n-Out burgers! Happy Ampuversary!
    In Abby’s honor I will dine there tomorrow night (I have to go to a retirement party tonight). Its still September so it counts!! The pugs might even get a nibble, although Tani needs some tips from you on obtaining that skinny model figure!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  5. Thanks everypawdy for the nice wishes.

    Rio – a Flying Dutchman is NOT like a flying MBBVP! It’s 1,000,000,000,000 times better! It’s a hamburger, with just the burger and the cheese -times 2!

    Cometdog – there are no crumbs on the kitchen floor cuz my Mama sweeps every day cuz I am so sheddy! (she made me type that… )

    Yes, Gayle – cheese!!! Add a burger with that and you will be pawrtying with me in spirit!

    And Karen & pugapaloozas – we are happy you get to go to In N Out too! Mama says it makes her feel less guilty going there if she knows others are indulging (was that the word? Or did she say bulging??) too!

    Kisses you guys!

  6. Go Abby, go Abby, Go Go Go Abby, 11 months and kicking tail pipe, awesome 🙂

    congrats and cheese all around for such a great girl!!

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  7. Abby – you sure are a pretty girl and your mommy sure loves you! happy 11 months anniversary ~ it is surely a reason to celebrate!!! I bet mommy will hook you up with something yummy – so don’t eat those peach pits!!! May you have many more happy & beautiful moments!!
    Lots of love & hugss from
    The spirit of Indiana’s mom ~~ Carol~~

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