Mama hogs the computer!

My momma has been very bad about letting me use the computer to update my blog. She’s ALWAYS updating *her* blog (which is also about me of course!) but she hogs the computer and won’t let me on it!

Last time I posted it was my 11 month ampuversary. Well, I am now way past my 12 month (that’s a whole year!) ampuversary. Mama says I have now been with them as a cancer girl longer than as a non-cancer girl. Whatevs. I’m still just me.

Here is a little run down of what’s been up with me:

*I killed my Barney dead. (Remember, I have my own Barney – not THE Barney…)

He's even deader now than he was in this picture, which is pretty dead.

* We had a beach party with my family. We had a big bonfire and even us dogs got some special burgers made just for us.

This Great Dane, Guns, has a crush on me. Whatevs.

* I tried to eat a persimmon.

Nom nom nom

* Mama dressed me up on Halloween like a Tripawd Warrior Princess

I'm bored. Are we done yet?

* I had my 1 year ampuversary and got a Flying Dutchman.

Two burger patties and two cheeses!! All for me!!

* I saw our neighbor naked and I barked at him like CRAZY! (There’s no picture of that one. I’m not sure why. Something about Mama stabbing her eyes out??)

* Mama is giving me something different in my peanut butter and my braunschweiger every morning. Whatevs. I don’t care, long as I get my peanut butter and my braunschweiger.  (It’s something to do with my friend Dr. V. taking pictures of my insides. Everyone wants to take pics of me cuz I’m so pretty, but only Dr. V. is crazy enough to take pics of the insides of me!)

I am probably leaving out some details here or there. Mama’s blog fills in all the boring bits. I just hit the highlights! Cuz who wants to sit at a computer all day??? What kinda fun is that?? Um, it’s not fun.

Abby out! (Kisses everyone!)



9 thoughts on “Mama hogs the computer!”

  1. Abby- I think your halloween costume headgear looks an awful lot like bunny ears tucked under that tiara! Are you a closet monkeybutt??

  2. Okay, you are totally on to me. Those *are* bunny ears tucked under a tiara. And you are not the first person to suggest I may have some monkeybutt in me. I suspect you shan’t be the last. (I really just wanted to say ‘shan’t’, cuz it sounds like a word a princess would use.)

    I will neither confirm nor deny the allegation with regard to the monkeybuttedness…


  3. one word….exhausted!!!!! geesh, you really need to take a nap or three…. but it does look like you pack alot of fun into every moment (except for the naked neighbor..that’s just scary)…

    charon & gayle

  4. I still shudder thinking of the naked neighbor. There are things that you CANT unsee ever! Plus you are too young to see that (haha). It does look like you are having fun 🙂 You should road trip it to IL and pawty with Finchy sometime- I think you’d have a good time (just looking out for my brudder).

    Spirit Chili Dawg

  5. Fabulous Princess!!
    I want burgers now!!
    But not sure about that monkeybuttness – eewww! Abby don’t say this!
    Love & kisses Daarlin’
    Lylee TPW

  6. Abby,

    It’s so good to hear that you are having such a pawsome time, visiting your doggie friend, dressing up for Halloween (you know how I love to dress up!) and eating all that yummy food! My doctor never prescribed braunschweiger and peanut butter, so you are one lucky gal! The naked neighbor…well, sorry you won’t be able to get rid of that memory!

    Hugs and kisses to you, Ab!

    Spirit Hope

  7. Sweet Abby, Warrior Princess, you are still just you. And you rock!

    Butchey wants to know why his docs don’t prescribe peanut butter….oh jeez…how am I going to explain this??

    Nancy & Butchey

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