Beach Babe!

That’s me – I’m a California Beach babe! I got to go back to the beach today! Hooray! My mom insisted on taking a little video of me running on the beach for proof that I am fine. (If she knew how to do these video things better she would show me running in slo-mo, like I was one of those Bay Watch babes!) Oh, and ignore my mom’s voice on the video. It gets high and squeaky sometimes. She’s so embarrassing. (Major eye roll.)

Just because I hurt my toe, she made me stay home from the beach for FOUR whole days!! It was OK at first, because my toe was maybe a little bit sore. But geez, FOUR days?? I admit – I took my frustrations out on Barney… hehehe.

First I turned him into a tripawd:

Tripawd Barney - Left Arm Amp on 9/19

Then I turned him into a unipawd!!!

Unipawd Barney - Try running away now, Barney!

Oh yeah, just so nopawdy gets tooooo upset about me killing Barney – remember this is MY Barney, not the original Barney who is visiting Tripawd Warrior Princess Lylee right now. (I hope she is killing him good!)

Well, I just wanted to let everypawdy know that I am doing good. I hope you guys are all doing good too!

Big kisses,


6 thoughts on “Beach Babe!”

  1. ScAbs –
    So now you are saying that your toe was fine in 4 days? I almost got shaved over your little piggie!

    Here’s a surfin song for you…

    ♫ ♫ ♫ Hahahahahahahah…..WIPE OUT! ♫ ♫ ♫


    MBBVP out

  2. Beach Babe indeed! You should take your Barney to the beach and kick sand in his FACE! Whats left of it that is!

    Me ‘n Travis are extra hoppy to hear that you are doing good, we knew it. Those pawrents sure can get carried away……

    Have fun in the sun grrrlfriend! On the beach like a peach! (Mom sez get off NOW–it is SO past my bed time…..).

    Codie Rae

  3. Way to go Abby!! So happy you are back to being a beach babe! You are seriously speedy!
    Barney went to the beach today too! Well, at least I can say we got him back in one piece……
    wags & kisses
    Lylee Girl ~ TGP furever!

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