My mom is a worrywart!

Hi everypawdy – I made my mom worry some more. Remember in my last post, when it was my 10 month ampuversary, but I couldn’t go to the beach because I did a wee little face plant? (OK, 2 face plants. And then I acted all tired. And then I had some runny poops.) Well, that turned out to be nothing – just a combo of an upset tummy and too-hot weather and a boo-boo on my toenail. I knew it was not a big deal, but my mom got all worried.

Well, today I managed to make her start worrying all over again. I have been really doing great – until last night. Even just yesterday morning, I went to the beach and ran for an hour and never laid down once! It was pawesome! But then last night I hurt myself running around the house like a maniac. I had an appointment today anyway with my friend, Dr. V., so we went early because mom was all in a panic. (eye rolling from me…) Well, Dr. V. said it is just a little boo-boo on my toe again. I sprained my third toe. I can still walk around, but my mom insists on trying to carry me, which is very embarrassing because I have big long legs and they just hang there and I feel like a floppy old rag-doll.

The bummer is that Dr. V. (who is SUPPOSED to be my friend…) said I can’t go to the beach for a few days. He said only short leash walks in the neighborhood. Poo on that!

Dr. V. listened to my lungs for a long time. He said they sound great. He said if he didn’t know that those 2 lung mints are in there (mom calls them Boris & Natasha) that no one would know I was sick. Duh! I could have told them that! All they’d have to do is take me to the beach and watch me RUN! I feel awesome! Well, except for my toe now… and the pills my mom gave me which are making me sleepy.

What’s that thing called?? Medicinal napping? I think I am going to go try that.

Oh, there was one other fun thing that happened recently. We had a HUGE blackout in San Diego. It was pawesome. And my pawrents missed the whole thing! They left town that afternoon like 10 minutes before all the fun began. I stayed with my aunt and uncle and my cousin, Lou the corgi. (He is old and doesn’t like to play, which sucks.) As soon as the sun went down it got really dark. Everyone was using flashlights – and I am CRAZY about flashlights. It was so fun, barking at everypawdy walking by, and chasing those crazy beams of light! Oh, such good times. Here I am in the dark:

"Man, it's dark out there!'

I hope it happens again, because I thought it was the funnest thing ever.

7 thoughts on “My mom is a worrywart!”

  1. Abs, it wasn’t just your mom being a worrywort — it was the rest of the moms, too. My momma said “DON’T SCARE US LIKE THAT!!!”

    I’m happy you are fine, and that it was just a sprained toe. Maybe you should save the maniacal running for the sand. There’s lots of stuff to trip you up on the inside. My crazy sister Tosca once broke her toenail so bad, mom had to take her to the emergency room and they had to take it all the way off. She, of course, tried to eat the Dr.

    If I didn’t know better, I might think you were a Monkeydog, with all the crazy running around and barking and chasing flashlights.

    My mom is all relieved for you…


  2. we recommend doubling the number of medicinal naps, and maybe having half again as many treats…take it easy, us old folks can’t take all the worrying!!

    charon & gayle

  3. Yo Abby–you need some of those boots to keep your toes safe. They’re ugly but you could totally rock those suckers!

    I am bored by flashlights but Evelyn loves them and goes bonkers if we turn one on. I’m with The Woo. Are you sure there’s no monkeydog in you?

    Oh, and yay for the lung mints that don’t bother you! May it ever be so, my friend.

    Love, Dakota

  4. Thanks everypawdy for the nice comments. I loves you guys! I wish I could give you all big kisses.

    Hmmm. boots. I don’t know… Do they come in pink??

    BTW, I should have said “my pawrents are worrywarts” – I didn’t mean to leave my pawp out. He took a few days off work this week and it was pawesome to have him around all the time! He had to go back to the icky place today (I think he calls it “work” – I do not know what that means.) so he didn’t get to come along to see Dr. V. with me, but I know he was worried about me too. 🙂


  5. Hi Abby,
    Please try to slow down a bit, because scaring your pawrents really takes its toll on them and they will not let you run fast if they think you are going to get hurt. But, I am happy that you can run and have a lot of fun at the beach. One year my pawrents took me and my three siblings to Florida during the winter. I had such fun gecko hunting! I caught one, but mom make me spit it out. Kind of tasted like chicken.
    Keep up the good work!
    Spirit Hope

  6. That stinks that you can’t go to the beach (although I live in MO and have never seen a beach), but beach sounds like a fun word.

    I hope the ouchie on your toe feels better soon! I bet you can manipulate some extra treats from your mommy. I try and it works every time with my mommy!

    Hugs and chocolate kisses from Charley! 🙂

  7. Glad to hear it’s just a boo-boo toe. Don’t scare us like that, Abby 🙂 You know how humans are. Finchy likes to chase flashlights too, so you must have monkeydog in you a little bit (but you don’t have to admit it).

    Spirit Chili Dawg

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