Double Digits, Baby!

Hi everypawdy. It’s me again – here  to tell you that today is my 10 month ampuversary!! Whoo-hoo – I have hit the double digits.

But, on this super momentous occasion… do you know what?? My mom is NOT taking me to the beach. Yesterday we went like we always do on Sundays with both my mom and my dad. They were wearing their crazy colored shoes, which means we get to run a little bit. I love that! Anyway, it was hot yesterday – hotter than it’s been probably the whole summer, so I got a little bit tired and I did a little face plant when we were running downhill about 1/2 way through our walk/run. I got up and face-planted again. I heard my mom go “Oh!” but it was no big, I was still raring to go. They wouldn’t let me run anymore after that. 🙁

Then last night at the house it was really hot, so I took a night off from being my usual terrorist self. Usually at night I chew on mom’s toes while she tries to lay on the couch, so that she will get up and play – but I didn’t feel like it last night. I was just a little hot and tired, but they were making a big deal out of it, so now they say I am grounded and NO beach and NO walk today!! WtH??? My mom keeps poking at my good front leg and she is wondering if it looks ok. It looks fine! She is just uber paranoid. (Picture me rolling my eyes…)

To prove that I feel absolutely fine, I chased a stupid fly (almost as annoying as a Monkeybutt…) around the house this morning, but mom still doesn’t believe I am OK to go to the beach. She said that MAYBE if I am quiet and rest today she will take me this afternoon, but I have to stay in one spot and just get my feet wet and play a little bit. I can’t run around the whole island like I normally do. (Another eye roll from me…) I guess that is better than nothing, but even that is not for sure. She says we have to see… I think that sucks.

The only good thing about my celebration today is that I am for sure going to get a Frosty Paw later. The peanut butter flavor – yum! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I’ll get to go back to the beach tomorrow and be back to my normal routine! It is supposed to be a lot cooler tomorrow, so hopefully my mom will stop being the Activity Police!

Also to prove that I am fine and it was no big deal, here is a picture of me playing at the beach just the day before the face-plant. I look pretty pawesome, huh – mixing it up with the other dogs!

Running with the big dogs!
...and with the little dogs. I don't discriminate!

8 thoughts on “Double Digits, Baby!”

  1. geesh, you better listen to your mom, she’s pretty smart… we recommend upping your quota of ‘medicinal naps’, which will help build stamina.. happy ‘double digit day’ to you, we’ll celebrate with extra treats here in ET.

    charon & gayle

  2. Yahoo! A reason to pork out! Abby baby, I so wanna party with you! I think your mom is nuts, but most humans are. They stop us from all the stuff we know is good for us, like running on the beach and falling down and shoulder-rubbing in dead fish. Or cow manure, my personal favorite.

    I am putting it on my calendar that you are almost at the extra-special one year mark, and that will mean so many good things! You are pawesomely awesome, Abby! Can I kiss you? Mwah! Sorry, couldn’t wait for your answer. Congratulations, beautiful!

    Love, Dakota

  3. Woo-hoo, Abby! That is definitely something to celebrate! I’m sorry your mom won’t let you go to the beach. I think they become extra protective when they think something’s wrong with us. Cut her some slack for today, and take some naps so that tomorrow you can show her that you are “good to go!”

    Sending you lots of Chili Dawg and Finchy kisses! Have some frosty paw for me too!

    Chili Dawg & Finchy

  4. Woohoooo!! Double digits! You rock, girl! You are PAWSITIVELY PAWSOME!!!! Hope you get to go to the beach tomorrow — you should do some back spins in a dead fish to pay your mom back for not letting you go to the beach today!

    Love Rio!!!

  5. Congratulations, Abby-girl!

    The heat gets to me too and it bugs me when I get tired out. But it can’t last too much longer. Then you can go back to your beach bum ways.


  6. Yo Abby!

    You are the pawesomest girldawg ever! Right, kick back a little and let your mom know everything is OK and then she will let you run on the beach again! I sure wish I could run with you. That Dakota Dawg sure is takin’ the liberties, aint he. He thinks he is all suave ’cause he is an older gent and been around the block a few times. You just let me know and I will be happy to kick sand in his face, oh yes I will!

    As Codie Rae would say, Happy Hippy Hoppy Ampuversary to you, the most beautiful Abby on the planet!

    yours forever……sigh……
    Travis Ray, your tripawd homie from the ‘hood

  7. Oh Travis… Is that a little jealousy I hear?? Not to worry, you are totally my home boy. I’m sure Dakota just meant like a brotherly kiss… Like a kiss on the forehead, and I would give him back a kiss on the cheek… Or maybe a chaste little peck on the mouth… Just a little one.

    But oh Travis, nopawdy has ears like yours!!! Oh, how I would nibble them!!

    Did you boys know that my name was Smooch at the shelter where my mom and dad got me? AND I have x’s and o’s on my collar. I am a kissy girl!!! I like to give kissses!!! Kisses to everypawdy to celebrate my special day!!!
    Big kisses,

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