Barney in the hurt locker

Abby finally gets her lips on Barney

Kill Barney!

Abby here, and it is time for the moment I know you’ve been waiting for. I know I was sure waiting for it anyway! It took my mom a whole week to completely get Barney relaxed enough to let his guard down. After his spaw day and his trip to the zoo, we brought him along to my favorite place in the world, Fiesta Island.

Here he is enjoying the view.

Barney at Fiesta Island
Barney says, "What a great vacation!"

He pretended to be a lifeguard, like I did that one time. He still suspected nothing! (Even though I sorta tried to get him when he was in the lifeguard chair…)

Playing lifeguard

Then, Mom sat him down and explained to him what was really going on, and she recorded it so if you click on the link below you can see what happened!

Barney Learns the Truth

Okay, I admit it took me a little while to get into the whole KILL Barney spirit. But once I really got a good taste of him… Oh boy! I really wanted to KILL him! Here is a short list of the places I munched on him:

First, I chewed his foot really good
Then I chewed his tail. Yum. Tail.
Then I chewed his mouth. I really got into it!
I chewed his tag off!
I chewed his nose really good!
I really dug into his side. He squeaks. I hate that.
I tried to tear the spots right off his back!

Then my mom took him away!

I'm not done with that, Mom!

I wasn’t too happy about that.

WtH? I wasn't done with that!

Mom documented the damage I did:

He has a hole in his butt. You need that though, right? Bwahahahahah
I tore his mouth and his toe real good. And I defluffed his chest a bit!

I wish I could really kill him, but Mom says she has to fix him up good as new and make his booboos feel better so that he can go someplace else. …But I saw her ordering me a Barney all my own from a place called something like AmazingOn. It really is going to be amazing when I get my own Barney! I’m going to totally kill him!!!

I am sad to see the stinky Barney go, but my mom says we have to share. I don’t really like to share, but at least I’ll have my own Barney soon. And no one knows where he is going next! Look out for him. He’ll turn up somewhere else one of these days! And maybe whoever gets him next can finish the job I started!

Kisses to everybody, especially the cute boy dogs!

10 thoughts on “Barney in the hurt locker”

  1. you did a pawesome job Abby! When Cooper had him he tried to get into the whole spirit of the kill Barney tour , but just couldnt quite get it, you are the champion!

  2. Way to go Abby! My momma wouldn’t let me shred Barney the way I wanted to, so I’m super glad you got to.


    PS: Did you smell monkey-butt Zephyr on him? She was drooling on him like a crazy dog!

  3. I *did* smell Monkeybutt on him! I smelled all kinds of stuff. And I added a whole bunch of my hairs to him, so he is going with a little bit of me to the next stop on the tour. My mom has to sew him up good. Hehehe. I put the hurt on him!


  4. ooooh, never ever EVER get on abby’s bad side!!! you gave him a full boat load of ‘hurt’….we are so impressed! all hail abby, all hail abby!!!!!

    charon & gayle

  5. Yeah! I sure hope that monkeybutt vampire bunny freaky ears thing sees this! This’ll make him dance!

    Look out! I’m vicious!!!

  6. I SAW IT Scabby. ………Well, I did have to to turn away a couple of times but I knew that Barney would prevail!

    Barney wins! AGAIN! That’s the dance I’m doing right now Scabby!

  7. You did a good job on Barney, Abby. Totally love the look on your face when your Mom took him away- you can see that you weren’t done with him at all.

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