What’s all this stuff about Barney?

Attempting to explain what Barney means to us…

I just did a post on my other blog [I keep two blogs for Abby because: it’s easier for my non-tripawd family/friends to comment on the other one, sometimes I blog off topic, sometimes I have to explain things about Abby’s treatment to those folks that don’t need to be explained over here, etc. etc.]. Anyway, the post was an attempt to explain why a … let’s just say grown (also put my age in there!) woman is playing with a stinky stuffed purple dinosaur this week. A family member said I have “too much time on my hands” and even if it was said jokingly, I’m sure they did wonder about my sanity when I was so excited to hear Barney was coming to visit us.

After writing about what Barney means to us on my other blog, I thought maybe some of the newer members of the Tripawd family might also wonder what all this stuff is about Barney, so, rather than repeat myself, you can read what I wrote here. But I also wanted to add that I think the best thing about getting Barney is the journal that comes with him. It’s both inspiring and heartbreaking to read the stories of the other Tripawds that have hosted Barney before. It really makes you feel even closer to the Tripawds family.

It really has been an honor to host the little purple moron.

But it doesn’t mean Abby isn’t going to attempt to tear him limb from limb. But that will be a subject for my next post…

2 thoughts on “What’s all this stuff about Barney?”

  1. Awww Abby, you are so sweet. Your blog post made us all teary-eyed.

    We are so hoppy you got to meet the purple beast! Now, tell us all about the massacre!!!

    Chili, you have another blog?

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