Barney Suspects Nothing

Abby here again. Barney still does not have any clue what me and my mom are up to. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell him!!!

My mom and my aunt took him to the zoo to continue the charade that he is just in San Diego to see the sites. He totally fell for it. They said he had a mostly fun time.

He liked the hippos a lot – same body type.
This leopard totally ignored Barney
But I think this polar bear wanted to eat him
He almost got carried off by this eagle!
But my aunt saved him. (Good, cuz I’m gonna kill him!)
After that he wanted another massage. He’s getting spoiled!

He said these guys were his ‘peeps’

After the zoo, they even took him to Balboa Park. Give me a break! The zoo was bad enough. What’s that stupid dino going to do at a bunch of museums?? But mom says you can’t come to San Diego without going to Balboa Park. (At least that’s what mom said out loud for Barney to hear… Then she whispered in my ear that I can get him REAL SOON.)

Seriously, I’m getting sick of seeing Barney have such a good time. But mom says it’s all part of the plan. She says it’s going to make it that much worse when I ATTACK! I sure hope so, cuz I can’t wait! Stayed tuned, cuz it’s going to be PAWSOME!!

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  1. Go Abby–get him!!!! He’ll never know what hit him!

    Woohoo! Sounds like the ‘lil purple dude doesn’t have a snowball’s chance…!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

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