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Pooch Smooches

A tripawd pup's journey with cancer

Pooch Smooches

Staples: Gone! Now if we could lose the cone…

November 9th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Abby got her staples out yesterday, 10 days post surgery. She’s doing really great. Unfortunately she still has to wear her e-collar, since otherwise she chews on the oh-so-delicious scabs. (mmmmm. scabs.)

In fairness to dogs, I guess if I had no fingers, I’d chew any scabs I had as well. After all, who can say they never picked at a scab? Not me!

Anyway, enough about scabs. She was so happy to go back to the vet. They just love her there and she loves them. The whole staff gets very excited when she comes in. (My hubby jokes it’s because she is their new cash cow! But, really… they do love her.)  And I’m so glad she’s not afraid to go back there! Hopefully that will continue. Managed to get her to not chew on herself long enough to get a pic to show how well she’s doing:

Healing Up Nicely!

Tomorrow we start chemo – as long as the oncologist is done with jury duty! Ugh. Hopefully they won’t have to reschedule us. I’m anxious to get in there and get started!

I’ll post again following the chemo. Really hoping she doesn’t react too badly to it! Wish us luck!

Also, I’ve posted a wee video of her getting around on three legs at my other blog, here.

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7 Comments so far ↓

  • etgayle

    ooohh, chemo, the next big step!! hope all goes well with chemo tomorrow for abby – usually the belly-upset, etc takes a few days to kick in. hope it’s minimal for you guys!! she really is healing up nicely – we aren’t gonna go down the ‘scab road’….. good luck tomorrow!

    charon & gayle

  • Jackie

    Oh, that’s good to know that the upset tummy might take a few days to kick in. I was expecting it to sort of be right away. Thanks for the tip!

  • admin

    Abby is looking pretty hoppy indeed! 🙂

    FYI: Once you get that video on YouTube it is simple to embed here on your blog – just paste the view page URL on a line by itself.

  • krun15

    Looking good Abby!
    Be sure you talk to the oncologist about how to handle any nausea. We had a bottle of something (I’m at work or I would check) to use if Maggie showed signs of it, but I only had to use it once or twice. Mag had mast cell cancer so the protocol is probably different than Abby’s. Some vets give anti-nausea drug with the chemo to prevent issues- but that sometimes starts after a reaction is seen with the first treatment.
    Then again- some pups sail through without too much trouble- let’s hope that is Abby!! Just wanted to let you know there are options.
    And if she does show signs or you need advice, be sure to post in the forums- lots of folks with experience there.
    Karen and the pugapalooza

  • krun15

    Oh yea- on the cone… many here have used a tee shirt on their front amps to keep the incision clean and keep their pups from chewing- maybe that would work for Abby instead of the cone?


  • Jackie

    Thanks for the tip re: videos, “admin”.

    Karen – I have had her in a T-shirt for most of the time, but she still tries to chew on herself through the shirt. So we are doing cone & shirt. She’s so sick of that cone! Can’t wait til it can come off.

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    We were fortunate with Catie; she didn’t worry at her incision at all so she didn’t have to wear a cone. The t-shirt was enough to dissuade her I think.

    Abby’s looking good. Hope she has minimal side effects from the chemo! Good luck!