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Pooch Smooches

A tripawd pup's journey with cancer

Pooch Smooches

Hello fellow Tripawd pawrents!

November 1st, 2010 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello all. Well, I’m sure the same with all of you, this isn’t really a site I would have joined if things hadn’t conspired against us… Just found out our 15-month-old puppy, Abby, has osteosarcoma last Monday. Here we are, only a week later, and she has already had her right front leg amputated. I’d started a blog about it on blogspot – Pooch Smooches – for my friends and family to keep up with what’s happening before finding the TriPawds site. I figured I’d do some posting on here as well, since there’s an instant community of folks in the same situation.

Things have moved so quickly, but I’ve already

Abby Louise

Happy, pre-cancer, at the beach

posted about all that on my other blog. For now I just wanted to say hi and introduce Abby as a new member of the tripawd team. (I’ve also got a lot of pictures of her on the other one.)

Since she is young and strong, and also since her chest xray and lymph node lab work were clear, we are hopeful that we’ve done the right thing.

As I’ve seen some others say on their blogs – you can second guess yourself a lot, but so far so good. She is already doing so much better than I imagined. AND she had her first post-op poop today, so that was terribly exciting. I know you can all relate.

Hopefully we’ll be posting about hitting many happy milestones on here. Next stop – get the ‘drain’ taken out. Then, on to chemo… We are not looking back, but are hopping happily forward.  Jackie, Abby’s mom

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  • admin

    Thanks for joining the club nobody wants to join. We look forward to following Abby’s three legged adventures.

    FYI: You can activate the blogger importer plugin if you want to import all your previous posts here. if you have questions, just ask in the tech support forum.

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Jackie and Abby

    Admin is right. This isn’t a club any of us wanted to join; given the circumstances, however, I – for one – am very glad I found this site. I know you will be too.

    So sorry to hear about Abby. She looks so sweet and she’s so young!

    You may find the recovery period upsy-downsy. I have to say I couldn’t help but smile at your comment that Abby had her first post-op poop today. I think most of us tripawd pawrents becomes absolutely obsessed over every type of doggie elimination and it never quite goes away. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about Abby’s milestones! Sending many, many healing wishes.

  • etgayle

    abby is a cutie!! we’re looking forward to sharing in celebrating her accomplishments – a first post op poop…wwoooo hhooooo!!! sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. we’ll have to check out your other blog site too!! we need more pictures and more ‘scoop’ on you guys!!!

    charon & gayle

  • nstephenson

    Hi Abby!

    Yes. Your Mom will become obsessed with your poop and with all that you eat! My Mom sure is. Bring some photos over here! You’re a young girl, aren’t you! I’m an old boy and I sure hope you live to be as old as me (17 years old!).

    James the poodle

  • Jackie

    Thanks everyone. And wow James! 17! I sure hope so. We are very sad to be dealing with this. Just last year in October we lost our sweet beagle, aged 12 yrs, to cancer as well. But we know we are doing the right things for Abby and are hopeful she’ll be a happy, crazy puppy again soon. Tomorrow she gets her drain removed. Will post more and include some pics on the blog.

    Thanks again!

  • jerry

    Abby, we’re sorry that you got diagnosed but we’re so glad you’ll be here with us to share your journey.

    And yes, you CAN be a nutty dawg again! There is absolutely life after a cancer diagnosis, and we are here to hop with you every hop of the way.

    Never forget, Tripawds rule!